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"Powerful! A lot of info that I can apply to everyday!"
R. Francis Barclay, Venture Capitalist

"I learned more about myself in 1 1/2 hours than I have during my entire business career."

Kathy Murphy, Dress for Success Morris County

Christina Martinez presented a team building/personality assessment seminar at our Morristown, NJ Sky Blue Aviation Academy location. The presentation was for the flight instruction staff. We were thrilled with her magnetism and enthusiasm.

The skills and information Christina shared will go a long way in creating the finest flight training environment anywhere. The instructors left with a greater understanding of themselves, the team as a whole and the best way to share information on a student-to- student basis.
Communication is about much more than hearing and speaking. It is about listening and what happens if we don’t understand the words someone else is using to communicate. This workshop allows one to cut through the tangled wires and give and get clear messages.

“It was the best investment we’ve made in our staff since opening our doors. Regardless of the business or industry, everyone benefits from the information gained from this seminar. ”
Nancy J. Ahlers, Director of Operations, Sky Blue Aviation Academy, KMMU

“I would recommend this seminar to help create a happier work place.”

Brian Hogg, Flight Instructor, Sky Blue Aviation Academy, KMMU

“Thanks once again for your insights in our Coaching and Leadership session, it was very uplifting and motivational. Now I better understand the frustration I experience in certain situations. Also, I feel confident that I can utilize the communication skills we discussed which will help me to work more effectively with senior managers as well as other colleagues. I can already see the difference.”

Larry Klink, Merrill Lynch

“I have attended other workshops, such as Meyers Briggs presentations, on how to better understand your personality for maximum effectiveness and results in the workplace and life in general. Christina's was by far the most useful and informative. It provided me with real insights to apply to my interactions. Her presentation style was dynamic and engaging. She over-delivered value for the price.”

Linda Sollars, Director System Safety and Pilot, Jet Blue

“I worked for years in Corporate America and was always chastised for my manner. I have taken a number of coaching classes and they had helped me to change my manner so it was more acceptable in Corporate America. Christina’s coaching session made me realize all the benefits of having a high D personality [outgoing, task-driven] and was the first coach to educate me on how to use the positive aspects of that personality to the fullest. I could only imagine the impact Christina would have had if I had met her when I was first starting in the workforce. I believe that she should be an integrated part of every employee trainee program and any team building workshop. ”

Jennifer Urezzio, former VP of Publicity for the Idea Network and Founder of Blooming Girl Herbal Remedies

"Christina is a focused, articulate speaker that can change your life."

Brian Cody, Smith Barney

"Christina made it possible for me, a shy reserved person who is intimidated by negotiations, to look forward to my next negotiation opportunity."

Doris Woods, President, Tasteful Touch Confections
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