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ML   JetBlue
“Thanks once again for your insights in our Coaching and Leadership session, it was very uplifting and motivational. Now I better understand the frustration I experience in certain situations. Also, I feel confident that I can utilize the communication skills we discussed which will help me to work more effectively with senior managers as well as other colleagues. I can already see the difference.”   “I have attended other workshops, such as Meyers Briggs presentations, on how to better understand your personality for maximum effectiveness and results in the workplace and life in general. Christina's was by far the most useful and informative. It provided me with real insights to apply to my interactions. Her presentation style was dynamic and engaging. She over-delivered value for the price. ”
-Larry Klink., Merrill Lynch   -Linda Sollars, Certified Coach, Airbus Pilot and Former Director of System Safety, Jet Blue
McD   Goya
“The information given was very helpful!”
--Jeffrey M. Rodriguez, McDonalds

“Your words should be shared with as many that will listen.”
– Eliott G. Alex, McDonalds

“I wish I could just go out with the speaker for one-day and learn more from her about life.”
-- Esteban Suriel, McDonalds

“Our team of managers was so inspired by your bilingual Work/Life Balance seminar that they all truly do believe they are worth their weight in gold.   Gracias Christina for the lasting impression you left on our team.” 

~Rosemarie Lugo, Co-chair Hispanic Employee Network, McDonald’s Corporation

“Christina takes Coaching to another level.  Her attentiveness to get to the core of what truly motivates has been life transforming for me both personally and professionally.  My vision of successful entrepreneurship has never been clearer.”

~Rosemarie Lugo, Co-chair Hispanic Employee Network, McDonald’s Corporation

-Wagner Estrella, Goya Foods

“Excellent. Long overdue but Thank You.”
-John Cortes, Goya Foods

“A very effective workshop”
-Cesar Heyaime, Goya Foods

“Inspirational and well worth the time spent”
-John Cortes, Goya Foods

“Empowering and very useful”
-Henry M Monzon, Sales Manager, Goya Foods

“It’s Awesome!”
-Edward Medrano, Sales Manager, Goya Foods

“We need this type of education and more to help us perform better”
-Francisco Companioni, Division Sales Manager, Goya Foods

“There is so much information [here] that we can use in the field to grow sales.”
-Luis C Fernandez, Regional Manger, Goya Foods
Morris County   CITI

“I learned more about myself in 1 1/2 hours than I have during my entire business career.”

-Kathy Murphy, Dress for Success, Morris County


“Christina is a focused, articulate speaker that can change your life.”

-Brian Cody, Smith Barney

FM   Sky blue
“Christina's presentation was engaging, entertaining and informative. She has a knack for communicating effectively and keeping the listener interested all the way through. I walked away with some good information as to how to better identify the personalities in my workplace , and how to deal with conflict situations, based on this knowledge.”

-Lory Zaifman, Assistant Vice President, First Morris Bank & Trust
  “Christina Martinez presented a team building/personality assessment seminar at our Morristown Sky Blue Aviation Academy location. The presentation was for the flight instruction staff. We were thrilled with her magnetism and enthusiasm... Communication is about much more than hearing and speaking. It is about listening and what happens if we don’t understand the words someone else is using to communicate. This workshop allows one to cut through the tangled wires and give and get clear messages. It was the best investment we’ve made in our staff since opening our doors. Regardless of the business or industry everyone benefits from the information gained from this seminar.”

   -Nancy J. Ahlers, Director of Operations, Sky Blue Aviation Academy, KMMU

I would recommend this seminar to help create a happier work place.

   -Brian Hogg, Flight Instructor, Sky Blue Aviation Academy, KMMU

“Thank you so much for a wonderful seminar. I learned a lot, was enlightened and thoroughly entertained. Your enthusiasm, delivery, and valuable information made your presentation the highlight of the evening.”

-Mindi Wernick, Health & Nutrition Business Owner
  “You are a pro! You know how to give great info in an interesting format - little time, big value.”

-Steven Flam
3q   VN
“Thank you for inspiring me to get off my butt and get things going. What you accomplished in 90 days is a true testament to what can be done once you "turn the switch" on. Thanks for sharing your story!”

-Robert Selders, Jr., MS, CSCS,   3Q Fitness Consultants


“Your presentation of Peaceful & Positive Conflict Management Skills was extremely well received. Every one left with a wealth of new strategies to utilize in their programs and daily lives. I am sure that most of not all workshop participants jumped at the opportunity to put their new skills into action.

We all remain grateful to your for sharing valuable time with us and wish you well in your endeavors to promote positive interaction and leadership among professionals.
On behalf of Essex County DOVIA, thank you for collaborating and advocating for individuals in pursuit of excellence.”

-Denise Carroll, President, Essex County DOVIA

Simply Pre   HSBC
“The beauty of Christina Martinez's presentation on Conflict Resolution Skills for Women is it's simplicity. It is clear to me that every aspect of her presentation resonated with the 100+ women in the room since their body language conveyed 'yes, I get it’

-Robin Gray, Simply Premiums
  “Conflict Resolution Skills was thought provoking and will make me review the situation in regards to the other person's perspective vs just my own. Very dynamic and useful presentation! ”

-Monisha Khadse, HSBC Bank; Morris County Chamber of Commerce, Women in Business,  Steering Committee
“I personally give over 100 talks each year and am the author of over a dozen books. Sam, you are AWESOME! You floored me by your stage presence and valuable insight. Congratulations!”

-Lewis Harrison, President of National Speakers Association, NY
  “This information was concise, clear and very helpful. I’ve spent thousands of dollars...Zig Ziglar, Floyd Wickman, Rick Willis and you are right up there.”

-Jo Lockhart, Auctioneer/Realtor

NJAWBO Member- “Christina Martinez is a most amazing & inspirational person. Through her unique personal coaching, she elevated my self-esteem and changed my life forever. She was efficient, educational, energetic and everlasting. Those who do not utilize her talent are truly missing out! ”

-Judith A. Donnelly, Architect, Donnelly Architecture LLC

  “Powerful! A lot of info that I can apply to everyday!”

-R. Francis Barclay, Venture Capitalist
Blooming   Jetblue
“I worked for years in Corporate America and was always chastised for my manner. I have taken a number of coaching classes and they had helped me to change my manner so it was more acceptable in Corporate America. Christina’s coaching session made me realize all the benefits of having a high D personality [outgoing, task-driven] and was the first coach to educate me on how to use the positive aspects of that personality to the fullest. I could only imagine the impact Christina would have had if I had met her when I was first starting in the workforce. I believe that she should be an integrated part of every employee trainee program and any team building workshop. ”

-Jennifer Urezzio, former VP of Publicity for the Idea Network and Founder of Blooming Girl Herbal Remedies
  “[Christina’s] ability as a speech coach has helped me become a more powerful and effective speaker who now enjoys speaking in public. In addition, the presentation she helped prepare me for resulted in a tremendous opportunity. I have recently been invited to co-lead a joint government and industry team looking to at the future of the aviation industry. When I asked “why me?” the response included a reference to my presentation skills and sited that talk! I have been doing presentations for many years, and that was by far the best I had ever done, and it was a direct result of her incredible coaching.”

-Linda Sollars, Certified Coach, JetBlue Airways, Fight Operations Coach, Airbus Pilot


“I was in a room of 125 women attending the “Morris County Chamber of Commerce Women in Business” networking breakfast on March 13, 2007. As chair person, I especially enjoy when we gather to develop ourselves by learning from one another. This particular morning was more exciting than others. While I was listening to Christina’s presentation on “Resolving Conflicts at Work” I evaluated the body language in the room, it was evident how much value the attendees were getting from her presentation.

Like many people, I have attended countless seminars and listened to many motivational speakers. Christina is unique. Her articulate presentation will spark anyone’s enthusiasm despite how seasoned of a professional they are. We learned how to identify specific characteristics in people to address them in a way they will perceive as professional and amiable.

Christina’s style is very engaging, she leaves you feeling positive and having a can-do attitude towards changing for the better.

We were all very pleased with the event. Many of the attendees approached me afterwards and exclaimed their satisfaction with the program. They really enjoyed Christina’s style.

Christina’s presentation was one of the best our WIB program has offered. I would recommend her to any company or organization looking to offer a valuable program and enhance the lives of anyone.”

-Angela Kubisky Assistant Vice President Marketing and Business Development Garden Savings Federal Credit Union


“Christina is a great presenter…clear and concise and delivers real take home value that everyone needs...”

-Neale S. Godfrey, NY Times Best-Selling Author and Founder of Children’s Financial Network, Inc.

“I really enjoyed the presentation you gave.”

Elaine M. Rillo, Director of Membership
Park Avenue Club


“I attended Christina's Team Building seminar last year and it was a great experience. I learned how to better understand those who work for me and those who I work with. I would recommend this workshop to everyone!!!”

-Sue Silverstein
Bergen County Board of Social Services




“You have an intuitive grasp of what makes people tick and you do a masterful job of conveying your techniques to clients.” –Bill Leavens



“Christina is a dynamic presenter who creates a fun interactive learning environment.  The Team Building workshop was so well received that we have asked Christina to facilitate it again as part of the Bergen County Workforce Investment Board and Bergen Community College’s Step Up and Take the Lead Business Development Seminar series.”

-Andrea Schaffel


“Rising Above delivers highly energetic, interactive, and motivational seminars that are as entertaining as they are informative. They bring a positive and professional attitude to everything they do, and their enthusiasm for this type of work is very clear. Their insightful guidance and support will give you the confidence to achieve what you didn't believe was possible.”

-Jim Dramis
President, ProPilot Aviation LLC

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