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dot How to Deliver Poised and Powerful Presentations
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Do you ever find yourself nervous before a presentation?  Have you ever attended a presentation where the speakers know their material cold, but put the audience to sleep?  Not only do you have to perform and deliver your message, but you need to do it in a compelling way that will move others to action.  How do you overcome obstacles of shyness, fear of public speaking, or those filler words like um’s and ah’s?  What do you do when you someone asks you a question you weren’t prepared to answer? 

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s critical to have polished and professional presentation skills whether you are delivering a presentation to the Board of Directors, your company, team, or clients. Often, as managers are thrust into leadership positions, you soon find yourself in front of the public eye more often than in past roles. Whether you are speaking at work or at community events, the caliber and delivery of your presentation will reflect on your company’s reputation. How you speak and present yourself will project your confidence level and the audience’s ability to trust you! That’s the bottom line.


At Rising Above, we understand that as leaders you have busy lives with your many commitments both professional and personal.  In fact, you may not have the time to take weeks off of work to attend off-site presentations skills training courses, nor do you have the time to attend regular workshops after-hours. 

Our team of trained professionals will come to your company’s door.  We meet one-on-one to help you achieve your speaking objectives.  We prepare clients for keynotes, workshops, facilitation, webcasts, etc.  Our methods are proven.  We deliver results!

“[Christina’s] ability as a speech coach has helped me become a more powerful and effective speaker who now enjoys speaking in public. In addition, the presentation she helped prepare me for resulted in a tremendous opportunity. I have recently been invited to co-lead a joint government and industry team looking to at the future of the aviation industry. When I asked “why me?” the response included a reference to my presentation skills and sited that talk! I have been doing presentations for many years, and that was by far the best I had ever done, and it was a direct result of her incredible coaching.”
-Linda Sollars, JetBlue Airways, Flight Operations Coach, Airbus Pilot, Certified Coach

“ I personally give over 100 talks each year and am the author of over a dozen books. Sam, you are AWESOME! You floored me by your stage presence and valuable insight.” Congratulations!" -
Lewis Harrison, President of National Speakers Association, NY
NJAWBO Member- “Christina Santiago is a most amazing & inspirational person. Through her unique personal coaching, she elevated my self-esteem and changed my life forever. She was efficient, educational, energetic and everlasting. Those who do not utilize her talent are truly missing out! ”
-Judith A. Donnelly, Architect, Donnelly Architecture LLC
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