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As women, one of our greatest strengths is the power to build bridges over dividing lines of conflict.

In this CD set, you will learn proven strategies that work in a variety of conflict situations—from minor disagreements to potentially explosive confrontations. Take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from this powerful training. The long-term result for you and your organization will be less stress, greater harmony, and improved productivity.

Not all disagreements have to end in arguments—you’ll learn proven strategies for constructive & lasting resolution!

Value:$37 (Plus S/H)

"Christina takes Coaching to another level.  Her attentiveness to get to the core of what truly motivates has been life transforming for me both personally and professionally.  My vision of successful entrepreneurship has never been clearer." 
~Rosemarie Lugo, McDonalds Corporation


Thanks once again for your insights in our Coaching and Leadership session, it was very uplifting and motivational.  Now I better understand the frustration I experience in certain situations.  Also, I feel confident that I can utilize the communication skills we discussed which will help me to work more effectively with senior managers as well as other colleagues.  I can already see the difference.     
 -Larry Klink., Merrill Lynch


“I worked for years in Corporate America and was always chastised for my manner. I have taken a number of coaching classes and they had helped me to change my manner so it was more acceptable in Corporate America. Christina’s coaching session made me realize all the benefits of having a high D personality [outgoing, task-driven] and was the first coach to educate me on how to use the positive aspects of that personality to the fullest. I could only imagine the impact Christina would have had if I had met her when I was first starting in the workforce. I believe that she should be an integrated part of every employee trainee program and any team building workshop. ”
-Jennifer Urezzio, former VP of Publicity for the Idea Network and Founder of Blooming Girl Herbal Remedies

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