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How do you deal with conflict? Do you deal with it assertively and relaxed? Or do you lose your temper? Do you confidently confront conflict head-on? Or do avoid conflict in the hopes that it will go away by itself?

If the answer is “yes” to that last question, don’t feel bad. The truth is that most of us have learned from experience that workplace conflicts too often lead to unproductive consequences such as anxiety, anger, intimidation, blame and resentment. Often conflict situations can be like the big elephant in the room that everyone sees but is afraid to talk about. But it doesn’t have to be that way. As a leader, you can create a positive, harmonious environment where your team feels good and is productive. Conflicts can be resolved amicably, without yelling and hurt feelings. In fact, managed conflict is a healthy way to bring important issues out in the open and strengthen your relationships with co-workers, bosses, vendors…even your friends and significant others.
“Your presentation of Peaceful & Positive Conflict Management Skills was extremely well received. Every one left with a wealth of new strategies to utilize in their programs and daily lives. I am sure that most of not all workshop participants jumped at the opportunity to put their new skills into action.

We all remain grateful to your for sharing valuable time with us and wish you well in your endeavors to promote positive interaction and leadership among professionals.

On behalf of Essex County DOVIA, thank you for collaborating and advocating for individuals in pursuit of excellence.”
-Denise Carroll, President, Essex County DOVIA
“The beauty of Christina Martinez's presentation on Conflict Resolution Skills for Women is it's simplicity. It is clear to me that every aspect of her presentation resonated with the 100+ women in the room since their body language conveyed 'yes, I get it.’”
-Robin Gray, Simply Premiums
“Conflict Resolution Skills was thought provoking and will make me review the situation in regards to the other person's perspective vs just my own. Very dynamic and useful presentation! ”
-Monisha Khadse, HSBC Bank; Morris County Chamber of Commerce, Women in Business Steering Committee
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