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Publicity Discover
If you'd like to learn the secrets of how to get tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of media exposure, the PUBLICITY ACADEMY SUCCESS SYSTEM is for you!

Dear Friend-

Would you like more publicity for your product, service, book, practice, or business of any kind? Have you been reluctant to seek it thinking that it requires a big PR firm and a huge budget? That is just one of the myths you'll shatter if you read on…

In this SYSTEM two noted PR experts will share a wealth of information on how anyone can generate a ton of publicity. You can do this yourself, once you have the inside information that will be revealed.

Some of the key topics that will be covered include:

  • How to create "hooks" for yourself and your business that will make you virtually irresistible to every media outlet and make coverage for yourself a virtual certainty.  
  • How to get rich and become famous being a guest on radio shows without spending a dime on advertising.  
  • How to create promotional materials (media kits, etc.) that will have the media running to you for your opinion every time a story in your area pops up.  
  • How to promote yourself using low cost means on-line to catapult your sales and exposure into the stratosphere.
  • How to get massive amounts of print publicity from the man who literally "sold" the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • How to quickly and easily create an automated process to capture leads and sales and up-sell and cross-sell these people with a minimum of effort.
Who Is Eligible For This SYSTEM?
Anyone who wants to massively increase their exposure in the media. If you're an author, speaker, consultant or publisher, this system is tailor-made for you. If you're not one of these and have a product or service to promote you'll be equally well-served.

This power packed, cash generating bonanza of a package will blast your sales through the stratosphere. If at any time, for the rest of your life, you don't think this package is worth at least 10 times what you paid for it, you get your money back ? no questions asked.

That's right. We're offering an unprecedented LIFETIME MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.
One Million System consists of three things: DVD, E-book,
and Audio CD.
Workbook Powerful tips and cutting edge strategies to have the press and media at your finger tips.

We believe it's better to teach a man to fish rather than hand him a fish. Using this information, you can continually get PR for whatever you wish years to come.

This fast, fun and easy to read E-book will fast-track your PR success.
Value $99.99
CD Sam Santiago is an expert at getting non-PR professionals (i.e. you) to promote themselves. It's much less difficult than you may think. It's even kind of fun! But most of all, it works!
Get an 'under the covers' look at all of the ways to get maximum exposure at minimum expense.

Running 40 minutes, this uncensored CD will mesmerize you with powerful yet inexpensive methods of managing media and the press for your business needs.

You will learn:
Why publicity is 100 times better than advertising. How to use OTHER PEOPLES PUBLICITY to get YOU booked as the guest Designing a press release that will generate results and get the media to pick up the phone and call you How to create a press kit that will get you noticed and get you coverage How to Maximize your effectiveness when you're in front of the media to increase your chances for success
Value $49.99
"With Sam's help we increased our club's membership drastically. We got
free commercials on radio stations such as WMTR and NPR, along
with many free newspaper ads."
-Kevin Catallo Past–President of Morristown Toastmasters


Paul Hartunian shares his amazing story about the day that he decided to start selling pieces of the Brooklyn Bridge...and bags full of money literally started showing up at his door!

Since that day, Paul Hartunian has shared his incredible "Free Publicity Formula" with only a few friends and customers, but you're about to hear exactly how he does it!

And on this 84 minute DVD, he's going to tell you how to use them to generate leads, increase your sales and profits, and even to become a "celebrity" in your field or in your own home town. And you don't need any talent or inside media contacts to do it. Just imagine how it will feel to know that your competitors are paying tens of thousands of dollars to advertise their products and services, while you get the same exposure for FREE! And because your story will be news instead of advertising, you'll have far more credibility and tens times the results!
Value $139.99

Certificate Publicity Academy Certificate of Completion

Once you take the test which is included at the end of the E-book, please mail it to us. Should you get an 85% or higher, we will mail you a certificate of completion.
Layout Thank you for inspiring me to get off my butt and get things going. What you accomplished in 90 days is a true testament to what can be done once you "turn the switch" on!"

Robert Selders, Jr., MS, CSCS
3Q Fitness Consultants

If You Think That Sounds Like a Lot of Information . . .
It is. I can't stand systems that are filled with fluff. This system will be packed with meat!

To order Click Here or call 1-973-647-5076
We accept credit cards, checks/money orders, PayPal payments via a Secured Connection
How Will This SYSTEM be Different?

I will give you a logical, step by step plan to help you catapult your business into the stratosphere. I'll leave you with a specific SYSTEM of action to take. Nothing will be left to chance!

Miss This Opportunity at Your Own Risk!

There are a lot of products out there in the field of publicity. Quite frankly a lot of them are weak. Many times there are weak writers. Often times they have weak content.

How are we so sure that this SYSTEM will be different?

We guarantee it!

Ask any one else in this industry for any kind of a guarantee. Then pause a few moments and wait for the laughter.

I'm not saying that I will make you jump out or your seat and change your religion, but I am saying that you'll be getting so much highly useable, immediately relevant content that you'd be embarrassed to even think about taking me up on our guarantee.

But, that choice will be up to you. If you don't honestly feel that I've given you ten times the value of what you've paid, I DEMAND that you ask for your money back.

What's different about this SYSTEM? Most of the publicity products out there give you a lot of theoretical mumbo jumbo.

A lot of systems give you a lot of theory and BS. This system has none of that. Just highly relevant, immediately useable, easy to implement content.

No theory, just practical, useable ideas.


Your investment in this package is just $49.95 and has a 100% lifetime money back guarantee. We accept credit cards, PayPal, checks or money orders. If at any time, for the rest of your life, you don't think this SYSTEM was worth at least 10 times what you paid for it, you get your money back no questions asked. NO other organization in ANY field dares to make this guarantee. We do because we can back it up.

To order Click Here or call 1-973-647-5076

Supplies are limited. This package will sell out very quickly so I encourage you to order NOW!
 BONUS:1    BONUS: 2
  A 30-minute Personal Consultation with Sam after your complete the SYSTEM  
  Value $149  
Negotiation Skills—CD

Improve your negotiation skills by listening to this exciting and motivating seminar.

You will learn:
1How to Develop your inner power
1How to better understand others
1Ask for-and get-what you want.
  Value $49.99  
 BONUS:3    BONUS: 4
The Driving Force - CD
Learn the following on these exciting
30 minutes:
Improve your negotiation skills by listening to this exciting and motivating seminar.

You will learn:
1Interviewing Skills
1How to live with Passion
1The Purpose of Life
1Performing at your Best.
  Value $49.99  
Internet Marketing 101 - CD Learn the basic steps of how to promote yourself online to catapult your sales and exposure into the stratosphere. Also learn how to quickly and easily create an automated process and capture leads and sales - then up sell and cross sell these people with a minimum effort.
  Value $49.99  

In Conclusion:

Publicity is an incredibly valuable commodity. If you get just one radio or print interview it will more than pay for the cost of this SYSTEM. Just call up any large radio station and ask them how much they would charge for 15 minutes of advertising. That's the average length of an interview.

You owe it to yourself to invest in this incredible opportunity. Take action now. If you're like me and you set this aside, you'll end up forgetting about it.

Don't do that!

You'll miss out of your opportunity to uncover the secrets of generating massive amounts of press and publicity for yourself. The free bonuses alone are worth more than your $197 investment, not to mention the many hours of priceless secrets Paul Hartunian and I will share with you.

To order or call 1-973-647-5076

We accept credit cards, checks/money orders, PayPal payments via a Secured Connection


If you're considering skipping on this offer, THINK AGAIN!

I give you my personal guarantee that this SYSTEM will be worth your time. You can sit on your hands and do nothing or you can pick up the phone and call NOW to order.

The information you'll get from this SYSTEM will pay you dividends for years to come. If you want to be able to create a steady stream of income that will keep flowing even if you stop working, this is the SYSTEM for you. CALL NOW to reserve your set.

I look forward to hearing about your successes!


To order Click Here OR Pick up the phone and CALL 973-647-5076 RIGHT NOW
Item Number: 332142
Price: $97.77

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