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At Rising Above, we are committed to helping you soar to higher altitudes of success in life and business. Our method builds trust, reduces conflict, and improves overall team performance. We provide coaching, leadership development, team building and conflict resolution skills. We help individuals and organizations meet their goals and reduce stress which results in increased productivity and better bottom-line results!

We are a diverse team of creative professionals guided by a shared desire to improve teams and relationships. We are located in Denville, New Jersey and are proud to serve the community.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to being the international leader in self-development to help people rise above to live their highest potential.

Our Mission

At Rising Above, we are catalysts for life and business transformation. We create, distribute, and sell the finest quality training programs, speaking engagements, and consulting services in leadership development, communications, conflict resolution, and life mastery skills. We operate the company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our clients, having fun, and creating innovative, life-changing growth opportunities for all those who come in contact with our services.

Here are 3 more good reasons why you will want to hire us…

  • Our presenters are leaders…they are the best, period. We work with professionals who have a solid track record of success in expertise, training delivery, and who have diversified backgrounds. Their well-rounded knowledge will provide you with a global approach to solutions in the workplace. They have an edge over the competition. Our leaders are consistently recognized for their excellence in communication as shown in their public recognition in the press and media. They get the job done!

  • We deliver tools that are simple to understand and easy to apply…immediately! We know that you are counting on us to help you shave years off your employee’s learning curve. That is why we give you what is most important and pertinent. We know your time is valuable and that you are relying on us to point you in the right direction. Our goal is to deliver valuable content in the timeframe you will spend with us. We are here to help you soar to higher levels of success in inspiration, motivation, leadership, and productivity. We recognize you want something practical, usable, and sustainable.

  • You will see a return on your investment…satisfaction guaranteed. We provide a high value for the registration fee. We are positive about the success of our training program that we guarantee your satisfaction. How can we back this up? We dedicate our time on the front end to ensure your satisfaction after the seminar. We focus on delivering content, a fun atmosphere, and high energy. You will enjoy your experience with Rising Above.
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